Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Really, Six?!

One of my pet peeves in life is moms who act like all areas of child birth/rearing/caring are just the best things since sliced bread. I think they feel like if they are not ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing over every single aspect of their child, that they are a bad mother. They then try and turn around and say things that are going to make you feel like a bad mother, unless you agree with them- ya dig?

Case in point- I was reading  Jenna von Oy's blog post over at people.com and came across a few choice phrases that made me shake my head. The one that sent me over the edge was this, and I quote- "Sometimes it takes twice as long to change a diaper as it does for it to be soiled again … There’s an average Pampers lifespan of five minutes in our house. It’s crazy! Crazier still? For some reason, I find this utterly endearing." Really, Six from Blossom (it was a great show though-gotta give credit where credit is due), you think changing sh#$% diapers is fun, not only a few times a day but every 5 minutes? Because I love the hell out of my boy but sure hate what comes out of him- and if I didn't have to change another poop diaper in my life, I would be a-ok with that. And no one really thinks you feel that way- we see through you and your opaque skin. I call bullshit!

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