Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School

Little background- I love a good celebration! I memorialize everything. That doesn't mean I go all out, or expect something big for every special day, but I try to celebrate the day/occasion with happiness and excitement.

(I even have 3 anniversaries that I actively celebrate- dating, marriage and wedding. We had Big Poppa's grandfather marry us about a year before our actual wedding so that he (BP, not his grandfather) would be covered under my insurance. We had been together 7 years and knew it was just a matter of time. To add to the funny story- we weren't even actually engaged yet. We got married in May and he proposed to me on his birthday a few weeks later. But I digress.)

This post is to celebrate T's first day of Big Boy school! He is actually at the same school, but he has moved up into the 1 Y.O. room and he couldn't be happier. He strutted into Mrs. Cindy's room and was inspecting a cute little girls' breakfast. I showed him his chair and he walked right over to it and sat down, quietly waiting his turn. I was floored! They had told me that he had been eating at the table, and sleeping in his cot, but I still couldn't believe it!

So even though it's just his first day in the 1 YO room, it's still his first day of school too and we were very excited for him! He had a great day, and his old teacher said he wouldn't even give her the time of day- he was too busy playing!

 I am so glad he did well with it because I took it pretty hard. I tend to get very attached to things/people and I really, really liked his old teachers. They loved him and I didn't want to leave them. But I have to get to know his new teachers, just like I did with his old, and I am sure I will form that unhealthy bond to them as well (I am THAT mom).

Happy First Day of School, T, and I can't wait to be there for every single new beginning in your life (lucky you)!

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