Monday, October 1, 2012

Foodie PenPal

I have mentioned this program in the past, but this was my first month participating. Let me tell you, this was an awesome experience! Shopping for my pen-pal was fun (once I figured out what to buy), but getting my box was even better!

I  was incredibly lucky to get paired up with Sarah from South Korea for my first go around. I think this was truly what this program was meant to be about- opening your mind to completely different things that you might not have the chance to ever try. I don't see myself in South Korea anytime soon so at least I get the opportunity to try some of their popular snacks.

In my initial email to Sarah, I expressed my nerves about being paired up with her. For some reason, I thought they ate alot of bugs over there and I wanted to make sure she knew that I was not THAT adventurous! I know this isn't the point of the program, but I didn't want to be disappointed in what I received since I felt like I put some good effort into my box! Luckily, Sarah was a great sport and sent me an amazing box with only one bug related item in it!

Onto my goodies! Sarah sent me soooo much but my favorites so far are the "Beatles" that are actually like skittles, Korean rice and the Yakgwa, which is a traditional flower cookie served on special days. Not only did she sent me great stuff, but her note gave me a numbered listing of what everything was (since it wasn't always written in English!) and sticky notes with the corresponding number on each item! I got great food, and learned a little something something in the process!

She also sent me some spicy Korean red pepper flakes that my husband is dying to try and chop sticks to eat my authentic raman noodles that she sent. Much better than our crap!

Here is my disappointing picture- I didn't realize until it was too late that my pic was blurry! We have already tore through this box so there is no opportunity for a retake!
While I had a great time doing this, I will not be participating again in the near future. All of my disposable income is going to Christmas right now so there ya go. Also, while this is supposed to be only a reasonable $15 investment, it quickly inches up to $25-$30 with shipping factored in, and that's just not something I am willing to do each month! I might do it again next year but if not, this experience was a great one!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm a Participator!

For those of y'all who know me, you are probably wondering what that title is all about. Of course I am a participator- I go to my company picnics and sing at the Christmas parties. I like to talk and I do it well (and often) ! But what you may not know about me is that I have not always been that way.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Beginnings

I think I might be back- again. If you have been following me, you have (hopefully) noticed my absence. I love writing my stories, and I hope I can get back into the groove of things, but if I learned anything from this lull it's to not have any unrealistic expectations!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sippy Sippy

A few weeks ago, Tommee Tippee sent over 2 sippy cups for me to try out with T. We have used their bottles since the first day he took a bottle because A) the wide nipple base totally seemed more boob like than any of the other bottles I saw and B) they just looked cool. I don't know if it's because T was just such a chill baby, or if they really did perfectly mimic our nursing sessions, but he had no problem going between me and the bottle.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Booty Working Overtime

Oh, the woes of my poor baby's booty. As you read in my earlier post, we have been dealing with major constipation this week. And in a sick twist of luck, the rest of T's school is dealing with diarrhea. After changing his fifth blow out diaper today, I have accepted the fact that T has succumbed to the bug. This poor kid, I tell ya. I just want him to have normal, human poop. Is that too much to ask? So far, the only thing affected is his stomach- no fever, grumpiness and his eating and drinking habits haven't changed, so I guess I can be thankful for that. Gotta count your blessings, no matter how covered in poop they may be!