Sunday, August 19, 2012


Ahhhh, home. I am finally here! This weekend has been something else. Big Poppa left for the hunting camp Friday night, which got me all kinds of excited because that means I would get some one-on-one, uninterrupted time with my computer. Unfortunately, I OD'd on birth control pills (bet you didn't think that was possible, did cha'?) and ended up sick as a dog, puking in the bathtub. The very same one I was bathing in. And since BP was gone for the night, I was also the very same one who had to clean it up, which I couldn't do because the vomit STOPPED UP THE DRAIN. I always thought it would be a better idea to puke in the tub because you wouldn't have that nasty toilet water splashing up in your face but as it turns out, tub drains are made for water and toilet drains are made for chunky puke. (Bet you're glad you stumbled upon this tonight, huh?) Lesson learned. So that was my Friday night.

Saturday found me feeling much better, so I loaded up my truck full of four bags and took T over to the beach to visit Brother. FOUR bags you say- that's an asinine amount of luggage for 1.5 people for one night. You're telling me, sister. Food bag, toy bag, clothes bag, make up bag and 1 talking dinosaur riding toy for good measure. As those of you with small children know, even though it's a "trip" to the beach, it is not a true vacation. Is it possible to have a vacation with a small child? I'm thinking no, unless you bring back up to toss the Kid on while you sneak out to the pool and pray that no one notices for at least 5 chapters or 1 good magazine. Getting to see Brother was so nice, and not having to take dogs out for the day was great too, but it's defiantly still a lot of work!

So now I am finally home, in all sense the word. I am back with BP, T is asleep in a bed with bars (did I mention he bunked with me last night?) and True Blood is on my TV. Life is good. Have a great week!

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  1. Glad you survived the weekend! I could have told you that no vacation is relaxing, with kids, not unless you are famous and travel with an entourage. It's just all part of the insane world of mommyhood! On a plus side, back to work, woohoo!!