About Me

Hi, My name is Megan. I'm glad you stumbled upon my lil piece of internet heaven, and hope you have as much fun reading about my life as I do living it!

I have been with my best friend, best love, brother (I am in Alabama after all- JK, but we sure can fight like siblings!)and high school sweetheart Wesley for almost 12 years! (Married for a little over five, but that's irrelevent when we have been together for TWELVE years!) We have two of the most perfect beagles that you ever did meet, that did an amazing job preparing me for human motherhood! Fast forward to June 2011, and Wesley and I became the proud owners of a human boy named Tucker! He is the most pefect little angel (barf) that deserves as much exposure as possible on the WWW. I feel like I have exhausted all that facebook has to offer so without furthur ado, welcome to the world of King Tucker and the family he has to survive!

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