Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cryyyy Baby

I finally bit the bullet- even if it was by default because my video monitor mysteriously stopped working last Wednesday night, I have ventured into the scary territory of cry it out!

Tucker's cry used to bring me to my knees. I could not stand to listen to it for even one second- I thought his insides would shrivel up and die if I didn't stick a boob in his mouth or do something to ease his troubled mind! As he grew older, and I weaned him onto the cow milk, his cries stopped bothering me as much. If he is hurt or sick, all bets are off; if he is just cranky or doesn't like his current prediciment, my skin has gotten a little thicker!

For the last month or so, he has been waking up during the night. He would cry and cry and cry but as soon as his head hit my pillow, I kid you not, that little con artist would be out like a light.

Look how sweet that is! How can you say no to that?! What this little snap shot doesn't show is the approx nano-nonexistent sliver of bed I occupy and the 4 feet of sleeping bliss that Wes enjoys- he didn't even notice Tuck was there!

King bed hierarchy:
*Blue Monk-Monk (who came with his own boppy for support)

This can't be right......
If you are a part of my inner circle, you remember that my lil sweet canine angels used to sleep with me as well- 

That's alotta butt in the bed!

Well they had to go- even before Tuck was born, I just had to get them moved out because I was convinced that once they left, I would never have to worry about bed intruders again!

Anywho, back to the story. So about a month ago, under the guise of zombie transformation teething, he started manipulating me into inviting him into my bed. I swear, no boy has even worked that hard to sleep with me! And I caved like the wuss that I am- not my strongest mommy moment. I convinced myself that his little mouth hurt so bad and only my touch (bed) would soothe him. Fast-forward to the night my baby monitor went out (the charger doesn't stay connected so well anymore. Might have something to do with the fact that I find the monitor disconnected from the cord and wedged in between my mattress and bed frame and that s@#* eating grin on Tuck's face. naahhhh)- I slept like an adult (I sure don't want to sleep like a baby) and Tuck woke up with a big grin on his face! We survived!

So I did it again the next night. I allowed him a 10 minute crying window but he put himself to sleep in 6- whattt whatttt! That's my gifted boy! And I had to wake HIM up the next morning- thats my favorite kind of role playing, role reversal! It's been happening ever since. I feel like I have really accomplished something- I tackled the sleeping beast, and I won! Take that, zombie baby! That being said- teething is a Bitch with a capital "B" and it better end soon or I am hiding in the closet and the pups can take care of Tuck until he has a mouth full of chompers!

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  1. Oh we went through this same thing and I will have to send you a picture of what I had to deal with! I don't mind the crying; however, my husband can't take it so he gives in as usual and goes to get her. Well, doctor at 18 months appt told him that no baby every died of crying and this would give us a return on our investment if we could get her to fall asleep on her own. (I just love our Pedi btw!) and life is much better! Hope things continue to stay the same for you. I saw you on YKIHAYH TFIG Blog Hop! Happy weekend!