Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sippy Sippy

A few weeks ago, Tommee Tippee sent over 2 sippy cups for me to try out with T. We have used their bottles since the first day he took a bottle because A) the wide nipple base totally seemed more boob like than any of the other bottles I saw and B) they just looked cool. I don't know if it's because T was just such a chill baby, or if they really did perfectly mimic our nursing sessions, but he had no problem going between me and the bottle.

Once we decided to switch to a sippy cup, I tried every one out there. T wasn't (and still isn't) the biggest fan of sippys, but now that he's almost 15 months old, he's really not that picky. Because of this fact, this review is mainly going to focus on the mommy viewpoint, rather than baby.
Right off the bat, I loved these sippys because they were just cool looking. I loved the colors, the rubber grips, and the designs were just so cute! Hands down, the most awesome part of this sippy, and what really sets it apart, is the awesome spout cover on the lid. They are ATTACHED to the lid. Such a simple idea, but one I don't find much on sippys. When the cover is off, it fits flushly into an indention in the lid so it doesn't get in the way of his drinking, and when it is on, it snaps down into place.
Let me tell you why this spout cover is such a big deal. I may or may not have a tendancy to forget about things in my diaper bag. I might have let a dirty diaper sit in there for a week, or a sippy cup for way longer than I am willing to admit. Just last night I asked Big Poppa to get T's bib out of the diaper bag and when he pulled it out, it was soaking wet. How did that happen I wondered? Oh, it's because the sippy full of water from 2 weeks ago was laying on its side in the bag and spilled all over everything. Lovely. You see how that cover can come in handy?
I am going to have to give this sippy two thumbs up. I am sticking with all Tommee Tippee products from now on- they are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and practical. Win in my book!



  1. My girl just started trying out soppy cups and so far the Tommie tippee ones are her favorite. We tried the bottles but she had severe reflux so they didn't work for her.

  2. I love that you try out all this stuff so I don't have to waste my time once Reagan gets there :)