Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm a Participator!

For those of y'all who know me, you are probably wondering what that title is all about. Of course I am a participator- I go to my company picnics and sing at the Christmas parties. I like to talk and I do it well (and often) ! But what you may not know about me is that I have not always been that way.

Growing up, I went to a small private school. I loved my experience and I am very glad I had it, but I did not fit in. I had my two close friends, but that was about it. I was cordial to my classmates, and they were the same to me, but we just weren't close. I didn't really hang out with anyone or go to parties or anything like that with my classmates, so you can imagine my husbands surprise when I said I wanted to go to my 10 year high school reunion!

We got to the party a little sooner than my "person", so we waited for her in the parking lot. While we waited, my anxiety level grew with every luxury car or well dressed class mate that walked through the door. You see, our reunion was at a wine bar and if you know Big Poppa and I, you would know that is not the kind of place we would choose to hang. We have never been the going out type- we would do dinner and movies, not bars and clubs! I had no idea how to dress, don't even really own "going out" clothes and I knew that not only would alot of my classmates own that kind of clothing, but they would most likely be rocking designer duds and that's just not where I am right now!

Like I am apt to do, I completely over thought the whole situation. Once we got inside, we ended up having a great time! We talked to people we don't get to see, and got to reminisce about our high school days. And even though Big Poppa didn't know anyone, he was a great sport and didn't even give me death stares when I walked away to talk to someone!

I think reunions are like prom- even if that's not really your thing, you have to go. It's one of life's experiences, and you really miss out if you don't participate. I look forward to all the rest of my reunions, and you better believe that me and my "person" will always be there!

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